Lightning strikes flashing pixels up into the trees. The air is lit with sirring, whirring sounds. Amid the silent forrest on a clearing, wide and dry, stands a shadow, upright in the wind.

And Friedrich lets his gaze trace moths that spin across the meadow. Bones of branches sticking up among the grasses. Friedrich’s feet draw moist stalks, that slip cool along his thighs as he moves along.


A drop of water running swiftly down his leg, a soft murmur, growing, bulging from the whispering wind. Friedrich freezing, eyes widening, as his ear tips try and touch the sound, keep it from escaping notice.

Quietly he moves, back bowed, along the shades and right into the darkness growing underneath the tree tops. A sizzling sound strikes from the heights, as droplets fall.


A girl appears, facing Friedrich, grown in a blink from darkness.

Coming from the wooden towers, that wind up into the sky around him. A human where none could have been, standing in a dress that lightly sways, to the rhythm of her heart.

A stare shoots straight into his eyes, piercing rapidly wall after wall, making him lower his head, bow his back. Two bright blue discs glowing from the absence that was not in the woods anymore.


The two figures had sunken into the ground, into a cavern from stone. A curious feeling touches him inside, hesitating at first, turning demanding, lifting the tip of his nose into the light.

All that is streaming from those two bright beams reaches the back of his skull, layering upon his mind, producing a metallic coating that emits a blue glow. Flashes of light pulsating inside. Starry eyes that pierce. And Friedrich is gone, leaving just his shadow behind.