Digital Natives Know Nothing

It’s pretty shocking how tech-illiterate the “digital native” generation is. They’re no better than previous generations with computers. They don’t understand computers better for having grown up with them, they take them for granted. They can snapchat and tweet, but if something breaks they’re as clueless as your grandmother. – Asmor

I agree with this sentiment. As technology advances we interface less with the core programming of the technology. Instead it becomes a black box which gets more adaptable and easy to use. Thus future population will be less literate on the core programming and more literate on the end-user functions.

Similarly to how today you might find a genius hacker who can’t for the life of him build an analogue radio, and his grandpa who doesn’t understand code but can fix a logic board should it fail. –Cptnfiskedritt

From a discussion of hacking systems in tabletop RPGs