Datenchaos Daten inkl IBAN,Telefon,etc. wurden erhackt. Bei einer kostenlosen Hotline kann man erfragen, ob eigene Kontodaten betroffen sind. Was ist die Lösung? Datenchaos!

Why act like a fool when you can really be one?

Macht euch genau so viele Bankkonten, Email-Accounts, Pseudonyme, etc., dass ihr gerade noch selber den Überblick behaltet (je 5). Benutzt Whatsapp, Facebook, IRC, Telegram, Signal und alles durcheinander, jeweils unter verschiedenen Benutzernamen. Gebt eure alten Telefonnummern an Freunde weiter, wenn ihr sie nicht mehr braucht. Meldet euch in verschiedensten Schreibvariationen eures Namens bei Institutionen. Benutzt Geräte gemeinsam mit anderen. Installiert ein Programm, das in eurer Abwesenheit vollautomatisiert im Internet surft.

“Nichts ist wahr. Alles ist erlaubt.”

Hassan i Sabbah

The Aneristic Principle is that of apparent order; the Eristic Principle is that of apparent disorder. Both order and disorder are man made concepts and are artificial divisions of pure chaos, which is a level deeper that is the level of distinction making.

With our concept making apparatus called “mind” we look at reality through the ideas-about-reality which our cultures give us. The ideas-about- reality are mistakenly labeled “reality” and unenlightened people are forever perplexed by the fact that other people, especially other cultures, see “reality” differently. It is only the ideas-about-reality which differ. Real (capital-T True) reality is a level deeper that is the level of concept.

We look at the world through windows on which have been drawn grids (concepts). Different philosophies use different grids. A culture is a group of people with rather similar grids. Through a window we view chaos, and relate it to the points on our grid, and thereby understand it. The order is in the grid. That is the Aneristic Principle.

Western philosophy is traditionally concerned with contrasting one grid with another grid, and amending grids in hopes of finding a perfect one that will account for all reality and will, hence, (say unenlightened westerners) be True. This is illusory; it is what we Erisians call the aneristic illusion. Some grids can be more useful than others, some more beautiful than others, some more pleasant than others, etc., but none can be more True than any other.

Disorder is simply unrelated information viewed through some particular grid. But, like “relation”, no-relation is a concept. Male, like female, is an idea about sex. To say that male-ness is “absence of female-ness”, or vice versa, is a matter of definition and metaphysically arbitrary. The artificial concept of no-relation is the eristic principle.

The belief that “order is true” and disorder is false or somehow wrong, is the Aneristic Illusion. To say the same of disorder, is the eristic illusion.

The point is that (little-t) truth is a matter of definition relative to the grid one is using at the moment, and that (capital-T) Truth, metaphysical reality, is irrelevant to grids entirely. Pick a grid, and through it some chaos appears ordered and some appears disordered. Pick another grid, and the same chaos will appear differently ordered and disordered.

Reality is the original Rorschach.